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Gone fish’n chipping…

There is a new rule aboard Sea Dreamer. This is the brainchild of the Sailing Fanatic, put forward in the hopes of boosting interest in the boat. It states that if anyone - especially the Reluctant Sailor – sets foot on board then he, she or it is entitled to fish and chips on the way home.

The Sailing Fanatic obviously knows me very well. The number of visits to the boat has increased dramatically in recent months, and so have the number of fish suppers purchased in Largs. Until recently, however, our family boat visits have been limited to ‘pottering’ trips, and have not required Sea Dreamer to move out of her berth at all.

This all changed a few weekends ago when we celebrated the occasion of the Reluctant Sailor’s annual Reluctant Sail. This is normally a tortuous event for all concerned, as the Sailing Fanatic cannot sail the boat single-handed and so – with varying degrees of gritted teeth – I am obliged to lend a hand.

This time, however, we had managed to persuade some friends to come along too, and as half of the party was under ten the Sailing Fanatic’s attention was largely focused on crowd control.

This, I discovered, was not only fun, it had the added benefit of eliminating any possible Reluctant Sailor sailing lesson. Instead, entertainment was the order of the day. Steering, pulling ropes, blowing up the dinghy, rowing to shore, rowing back from shore, paddling – you name it, we did it.

But, true to form, the Sailing Fanatic had not altogether forgotten his role as sailing instructor: nearing Millport I was handed a long yellow pole with some sort of strange contraption on the end. This turned out to be a boat hook, despite lacking a hook and looking a bit like a badly proportioned catapult. It was to be used not as an instrument of torture, but for hooking a mooring. That, said the Sailing Fanatic, was my job.

My reward, he added persuasively, would not only be the promised fish and chips – but some ice cream as well!

How could I refuse?

I couldn’t.

I didn’t.

I did it.

So now it’s official: Sea Dreamer no longer goes sailing – she goes fish n’ chipping. And we are all in favour of that!

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