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BMF monitors Navigation Charging Strategy

20 April 2006

The Environment Agency has outlined its intention for boaters and businesses located on the rivers that they manage to contribute more to its navigation budget by increasing its registration charges for boats by 14% per annum for at least the next three years.

The British Marine Federation and other User Groups have raised serious concerns about the damaging impact of these proposals on the boating market. The need for the decision about the scale of increase to be made on the basis of sound data was highlighted yesterday at the EA's National Navigation Users Forum.

As a result of that meeting the Agency has made a commitment to review its figures, and ensure that both NNUF members and their regional groups - (RFERACs) are aware of the implications of these revisions.

The Agency is due to make a Board decision on this in July, with papers being circulated to their Directors in May/June. The BMF will continue to work with members located on the River Thames and Fenland Waterways to make strong representations to the Agency at the highest level during this period.

Many members have already expressed strong concerns that their businesses will not be able to withstand the increased costs that these proposed charges represent and that the increased licence fees to boaters will drive people off our navigable rivers.

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Posted by: John

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